“Inspiring ideas from my happy, healthy home kitchen”

Welcome to my kitchen.

Here you will find my recipe book of delicious and healthy meals, snacks and sweet treats with something for everyone.

Finding myself with extra time on my hands over the past few months and my go-to cafes closed for now, one of the positives of lockdown is that it has reignited my passion for cooking and inspired me to get more creative and confident in the kitchen than ever! Alongside growing my recipe book collection, I have also started to create my own recipes and so Lulu’s Home Kitchen was born.

Being time-short myself, I like most of my recipes to be to quick and simple to follow. You will find plenty of these on Lulu’s Home Kitchen, together with more special dishes too, perfect for Friday night feasts, at-home date nights and relaxed Sunday lunches.

Living an increasingly plant-based lifestyle for the past few years, many of my recipes are vegetarian and vegan and I’m passionate about creating dishes that make plants the star of the plate, without compromising on flavour and satisfaction! My recipes are readily adaptable and flexible to suit every lifestyle and palette. I often add a little dairy or meat to some of my dishes for my partner, as life is all about balance!

One of the things I love most about cooking and baking is the ability to bring people together and show appreciation for one another through home-cooked food. Even in these unusual times, it hasn’t stopped me baking with my nieces and every week we now have a ‘Virtual Baking Club’ together. I think baking is such a fantastic skill for little ones to learn and so far we have mastered the art of Scones, Victoria Sponge, Banana Bread, Easter Cookies and Flapjacks. Great British Bake Off here we come!

I live with my partner Josh and lovely new Miniature Dachshund puppy, Lola, in Buckinghamshire. I hope you enjoy a few of my recipes and do let me know how you get on!

Lulu x